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Watch: The Falafel with Hummus Sandwich in 15 seconds.

Falafel – one of the few hearty vegetarian selections that you can treat yourself to when you want that big meaty flavor without actually having meat.

Hummus – Many call it the “butter” of bodybuilders because this nutrient packed food works very well as a spread and as a dip.

When you combine the two in a whole wheat pita with salad, tomato, cucumber, a dash of oil & vinegar all neatly packed into a whole wheat pita, what do you get?

Falafel with hummus

Yes, that is perfection.

Eva’s has been serving the falafel with hummus sandwich since 1978 (also the year when it opened). The recipes are a long time tradition passed down from Steve’s, the general manager of Eva’s, mother and it has definitely withstood the test of time.

Year 2008: 30th Anniversary Celebration: Falafel sandwich at the 1978 price.

Watch: Steve gives you tips on how to Eva’s makes the perfect Falafel with Hummus sandwich.

The process starts with opening up the pocket of a warm whole wheat pita. Six falafel balls are neatly laid out in the pita and smushed to form an even patty. It’s really the mixture of spices that makes it; there is a little cumin and coriander that gives it that nice kick. Next a scoop of hummus is dropped in and pressed down until the hummus is barely oozing out of the sandwich. There lies the mixture of chickpeas, ground sesame seeds, with a hint of garlic, lemon juice, and parsley to give it a light but powerful flavor. Next more vegetables are added: salad, diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers. Finally a dash of oil & vinegar dressing makes the sandwich complete. The best word to describe this sandwich is refreshing. Imagine picking the juiciest peach during a summer day. That’s the Falafel with Hummus Sandwich but in a vegetarian sandwich form.

The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to get one.

sandwich special

It’s only $6.00 at Eva’s Kitchen. There’s no sandwich that will leave you feeling better.

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