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Former Mr. Australia Gennaro Ferra’s Training and Nutrition Seminar

Nov. 12th 2015, 7PM – 8:30PM, Eva’s Kitchen on 11 W 8th Street

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Gennaro Ferra

World Natural Professional Bodybuilder
Competing 30 years
B.Ed. in Physical Education
Creator of Powerpose (the new art of exercise)
Certified Fitness Chef
Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Posing Coach and Choreographer

Former Mr. Australia Gennaro Ferra is a certified fitness and nutrition coach in NYC. Join him on Thursday, November 12th to hear his professional take on fitness and nutrition. The lecture will be split into five key areas: Nutrition, Supplements, Injury Prevention, Working Out, and Results.


  • Staying consistent by utilizing food journals and planned meals
  • How to avoid falling into the junk food trap
  • Eating food prepared at home
  • Gluten and lactose free nutrition


  • Why are they important?
  • When should you take them?
  • Why do some people fail to benefit from supplements while others excel?

Injury Prevention

  • Warming up with dynamic stretches, Powerposes, and light weights.
  • Controlling the pace of your progress to avoid burnouts
  • The importance of correct full range form
  • The less-is-more principle of workouts

Working out

  • “Muscle mind connection” and how to enhance it during your workout
  • Full range of movement, partial rep ranges, and isometric holds and contractions
  • Intensity
  • Variation and how it shocks muscles into growth
  • Gennaro’s Powerposes: Why you should do them and how to perform them effectively


  • Why do most people fail to achieve consistent results?
  • How optimal health and performance is achieved
  • Striking a balance between nutrition, working out, supplements, and cardio
No signup necessary. Show up early to get a seat.

Event date: Nov. 12th 2015. Start time: 7:00PM. Where: Eva’s Kitchen Address: 11 W 8th Street New York, NY 10011

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