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In this series of articles, the writer introduces to you what people are eating at Eva’s.

Recently, Eva’s Kitchen has had many of NYU’s sports team gather for a team dinner. When athletes train as hard as they do, and win as much as they do, it’s important to keep their energy levels high. That is why here at Eva’s, we’re proud to be able to serve good, clean fuel that not only tastes good, but is good for the athletes and satiates their voracious appetites.

A few weeks ago, we hosted the NYU Track & Field team on a Sunday night. It was a rainy and chilly night, but little by little the team members trickled into the restaurant. By 7:00pm, a sizable group arrived, even on this non-school night.

NYU Track and Field 2016
The NYU Track and Field Team ’15-’16

The big hit on this night was the Mediterranean Burrito; it even beat out the Tony’s Plate, which is the usual favorite among athletes who eat at Eva’s.

What does it take to dethrone Tony?

On first bite into the Mediterranean Burrito, two words come into mind: meaty and refreshing. It’s stuffed to the max with grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomato, brown rice, salad and topped off with home-made feta pesto. All the ingredients blend together and a tangy and cool feeling explodes with every bite.

Med Burrito half

The salad and cucumber add a refreshing feeling, as if you were on a cruise ship sailing along the Mediterranean, the blue seas and cool breeze all around you. For an even cooler feel, try adding a couple of drops of Eva’s home-made cucumber yogurt sauce—it’s like an air conditioner blowing directly into your mouth!

The Mediterranean Burrito is just the perfect balance of vegetables, brown rice, and meat in one thick whole wheat wrap. All the ingredients come together to create the consummate meal held in two hands. No wonder the NYU Track & Field athletes really appreciated it!


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