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Eva’s assorted baked goods and desserts.

Over the past few years, Eva’s has been known as the spot for trainers, bodybuilders, athletes, and health-conscious eaters looking for high protein, low carb solutions to fuel them after an intense workout or a boost of energy to get them through the day. While the menu is filled with plates, wraps, and sandwiches that boast potent combinations of protein choices, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates without bad fats and added sugar, patrons should know that Eva’s also has delicious dessert choices that are baked in-house and made fresh every day. There are the traditional pies (apple and sweet potato). If you’re looking for a snack to take on-the-go, there are individually wrapped carrots cakes, cookies, and brownies. So next time you’re in Eva’s, don’t be afraid to indulge with these All-American desserts.

The Protein Carrot Muffin takes a new shape

One of the best sellers is the Protein Carrot Muffin. Made with whole-wheat flour, egg whites, carrots, and brown sugar, the Protein Carrot Muffin is a delectable, moist pastry with heavenly texture in every bite. Like Dunkin’ Donuts created the Munchkins, Eva’s too has shrunk the muffin to a bite size form.


Can you imagine having one of these delivered to your business?
Eva’s employee delivering a tray of muffins to New York Sports Club.

Trays of this treat have been making their away around local gyms, hotels, salons, and other businesses. Workers and guests love them because of the natural energy boost each one gives. Not only that, but the muffin was instrumental in keeping the New York Lap 4 Life team energized during their 32 mile journey around Manhattan to raise money for the Villa Maria Organization. Special thanks to NY Lap 4 Life for choosing us and raising money for a great cause!

Eva's health food presentation

Do you want a tray of these muffins for your business or family event? Stay with Eva’s and look for a contest coming soon for your chance to win free muffins.

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