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There is a “secret menu” in Eva’s that returning customers may or may not have noticed. Usually people go straight to the counter and look up to see the menu, but to the left side of the registers, there is another menu.
Secret Menu Steve Plate Highlighted
Aside from all the dishes that our customers know and love, such as the Falafel w. Hummus Sandwich, the Ultimate Plate, the Tony’s Plate and more, the General Manager Steve Kapelonis created this menu as sort of a “taste” menu. In these dishes, he combines Eva’s recipes in a way that will blow your mind.

The dish we are highlighting today is the newest edition to the menu: STEVE’S LIGHT HEAVY WEIGHT PLATTER.

Says Steve: “My style is putting the right ingredients, good food to taste good, and I want to be filled up too. This dish is made up of different ingredients that combine well together. It leaves you feeling full but not bloated. The end result is like rocket fuel – you’re energized and ready to take off!”

Please get your forks and knives ready and enjoy the video below!

From Start to Finish: Five egg whites, broccoli, tomato, turkey, lentil soup, brown rice, low sodium tomato sauce


Here’s the short we put on Eva’s Instagram @eatatevas


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