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Eva’s loves cooking for people who desire good clean eating that is pure fuel for athletic training and competition. Nothing exemplifies this better than having NYU athletes eat at Eva’s. We are very happy to have athletes from NYU’s Wrestling team and Soccer team come in to Eva’s to recharge!

The wrestling team even thanked us with a shirt!

NYU wrestling shirt

Eva’s takes pride in serving food that is good for you yet doesn’t lack a powerful flavor punch. Here are some of the dishes that are loved by the student athletes:

*update* Eva’s was proud to host the NYU Soccer team Saturday night Oct 3rd. We were sad to hear that they were coming off a tough loss to CWRU though. We cheered them up by giving them two of Eva’s signature dishes – the Tony’s Plate and Chicken Coop.

NYU Soccer team

Best of luck to the NYU Wrestling team and Soccer team for the 2015-2016 season!

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