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Lazy HustlerMcMullan Plate W Hot Sauce New Yorker

Since Eva’s opened it’s doors in 1978, it has been known for providing food that tastes good and is good for you. Many of the dishes from the 1980s are still on the menu today, such as the Victory Plate and the Grand Slam Plate. The soups and salads are also familiar. This hasn’t stopped Eva’s from innovating and creating new dishes that still follow the “Eat good feel good” philosophy.

The three dishes pictured above are the Lazy Hustler, the McMullan Plate, and the New Yorker sandwich.

If you’ve ever had a vegetarian friend, or are one yourself, you might have heard that vegetarians are almost always hungry, always looking for the next meal or snack to munch on while following the dietary limits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Yes, vegetarians are ALWAYS hungry.

Lazy Hustler
The Lazy Hustler with falafel, hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad.

With that in mind, Eva’s created the Lazy Hustler. Named after Greenwich Village photographer Ricky Powell, the Lazy Hustler is a vegetarian burrito with falafel balls, cucumbers, tomato, chili beans, hummus, and rice. It is packed with flavor, accentuated by coriander and cumin, and freshly tossed salad and chopped cucumbers/tomato add texture to the burrito.

McMullan Plate W Hot Sauce
The McMullan Plate with brown rice, spinach, baked tofu, lentil soup and Eva’s hot sauce.

Our second vegetarian offering for this year is the McMullan Plate. Tofu has quickly been rising among the ranks of high quality proteins for vegetarian eaters, and baked tofu is the star of the McMullan Plate. Brown rice is topped with a generous helping of steamed spinach, baked tofu, with a big scoop of Eva’s famous lentil soup ladled over the dish. Eva’s own hot sauce can be added to really wake up the flavors. The McMullan Plate is named after New York’s own celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan.

New Yorker
The New Yorker Sandwich with onions, peppers, tomato sauce, chicken, and falafel.

The last dish we would like to introduce is not a vegetarian one, but we feel is the best sandwich to bring in the new year. It is called the New Yorker sandwich, named after the city that we’ve happily served for almost four decades. The food landscape of New York is ever changing, with the tastes of it’s dwellers to go along with it. The New Yorker sandwich is a unique way to bring out the flavors of American classics. Mixed into this sandwich are grilled chicken with the familiar flavors of grilled tomato, onion, peppers, but to kick it up a notch, the new Mediterranean favorite, falafel, is added to form a surprisingly delicious combination. Eva’s homemade tomato sauce is wrapped up with this combination to give this sandwich the feeling of comfort food.

This year, fall in love with our vegetarian dishes that eat just like they’re meat counterparts, and when you can’t choose to go vegetarian or not, the New Yorker is a mix of both!.

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