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As far as burritos go, there are few vegetarian selections. Sure you could take a tortilla and put on top of it lettuce, tomato, rice, guacamole, wrap it up and have a nice day, but it’s missing something that you would get from its meat counterparts. It’s missing that really dig your teeth into solid bite, that savory juiciness and that hearty feeling when the mashup of ingredients make their way into your stomach. Enter the Falafel Burrito, also known as The Lazy Hustler Burrito after the renowned New York photographer Ricky Powell, a true blue West Coast meets East Coast vegetarian burrito.

Steve Kapelonis, the food and fitness guru behind the Eva’s menu, called New York home for much of his life and spent countless hours of his younger days working in Eva’s. Other commitments took him far away from the second home he had built up in Greenwich Village, but the circle of life demanded his return. After brief stints in Florida and California, Steve Kapelonis traveled back to New York and once again took the reins at Eva’s Kitchen.

In Greenwich Village, Steve saw so many of the friendly people and longtime friends he had grown up with, and soon after coming back to New York he reunited with his longtime buddy Ricky Powell. Steve always believed in the “eat good, feel good” philosophy of Eva’s. If he put his hands on ingredients, his purpose was to give people a punch in their mouths. Not the punishing kind, but the “Pow!” kind that left a good taste, no, GREAT taste. Knowing that Ricky was vegetarian, Steve immediately went to the kitchen to concoct a powerful taste sensation for him. A whole wheat wrap, babaganoush, falafel, rice, chili, lettuce, tomato, rolled up and toasted later, The Lazy Hustler vegetarian burrito was born. 

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