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It’s the holiday season and the time of the year when people throw all caution into the wind and buckle down with holiday desserts, extravagant roasts, and heavy beverages. Eva’s is here today to share a tip on how to end the year right and carry on the gift of good food into the new year.

Here is a piece of cake and an apple.

Apple before cake website

If you decide to eat the cake first and then the apple, the natural sugars in the apple would be overpowered and the bite of apple would most certainly turn out bland. On the other hand, if you eat the apple first, you can appreciate its natural sweetness and your body will definitely thank you.

The same principle goes for Eva’s Sweet Potato Pie. Unlike other pies that are usually made from butter, cream, egg yolks, white flour, and generous amounts of white sugar, the way we make our sweet potato pie has sweet potato as the main ingredient, followed by bananas, egg whites, whey protein, and a little brown sugar.

As we end the year, reward your body with wholesome food and get ready to start off next year energized!

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